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In this post I will begin to touch on a few basic exercises for increasing tricep size through a bodybuilding routine. I will list a few exercises that can get your started.

Dips: this exercise you position yourself infront of a bench with legs extended laying flat and hoisting yourself up by the palms of your hands on the bench behind you. raise and lower your body to get a good pump


Close-Grip Bench Press: this exercise requires you to lay on a bench as if you were going to do a bench press. However, you are going to grap the bar closer to the center. As you begin the exercise you want to lower your arms so that your triceps are parallel with your torso and push back up.


Push Downs: For this one you need a cable machine usually available at your local gym and you need a rope attachment. First you are going to select your weight on the machine. Then, once you are prepared stand with your feet planted and grab the rope on both ends and push down focusing on your triceps.


The Deadlift


The dead lift exercise is one of the most important exercises in the realm of weight lifting and it is the bread and butter of power lifting. This exercise requires you to squat in front of a barbellĀ and firmly grasp it shoulder width apart. Once you have a firm grip on the power you power yourself up with your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Once you get the barbell up to about your waist you thrust upright keeping your back straight throughout the entire process.

This sounds complicated but I’ve included a few videos to demonstrate more thoroughly.